Client Portal – HR Access

The interactive MSI HR Portal is available to the HR staff of all clients 24/7 to communicate to us essential eligibility information:

  • New Hires
  • Terminations
  • Change Requests
  • Service Requests

Using this information, MSI performs all other functions related to benefits eligibility:

  • Identify eligibility data of New Hires
  • Conduct all individual enrollment meetings with new hires
  • Transmit to insurance carriers – all necessary benefit election data
  • Transmit to the client payroll system – benefit elections and payroll deductions
  • Process change requests with carriers and report completion
  • Year-round, MSI billing team tracks all eligibility changes and audits monthly carrier invoices for accuracy

All communication through the MSI HR Portal is archived and available to HR Staff.


Client Portal – Employee Access

The MSI Employee Portal is available 24/7 to employees. This interface allows each employee to send us secure, archived service requests as well as view/print all pertinent documents such as:

  • Plan Summaries
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
  • Plan Certificates
  • Claim Forms
  • Rate Grids / COBRA Rates
  • COBRA At-Hire General Notification
  • Employee Benefits Handbook
  • Required Health Plan Annual Notices

MSI BenAdmin – Zevo Benefits

This BenAdmin portal serves as our client’s online benefits communication and enrollment platform. Employees are given access the site to the site to review and enroll in their benefits from their home, office, smartphone, or tablet. Traditional “paper/ink” enrollments have become virtually obsolete – for good reason. In the past, many employers struggled with the handling, processing, and reconciling of multiple carrier insurance applications, billing statements, and tracking of payroll deductions. Zevo provides a single electronic point of entry for all insurance products. Employees’ and their covered family members’ enrollment details are fed electronically through an EDI connection to each insurance carrier. Zevo ensures that each carrier invoice and payroll deductions match the actual coverage elected by employees. The system is programmed to account for waiting periods, pay cycles, late entrants, age reductions on life insurance, and all possible life events that occur throughout the year.

  • MSI’s EDI team is licensed and trained in the insurance field and is who handles all programming and data mapping
  • “HIPAA 834” compliant  – federal government standard layout for electronic insurance eligibility data
  • True EDI – Enrollment details are sent directly into the carrier’s eligibility database. (Please note that this feature is itself a crucial distinction not to be confused with so-called “web-based enrollments” or “internet eligibility” capabilities, both of which require subsequent data entry or manipulation d thus vulnerable to errors)
  • Simultaneously, Zevo has the ability to send files to our clients with payroll deduction elections  directly into the client payroll system
  • MSI performs the extensive “data mapping” needed to accomplish these feeds
  • Benefit Statements are generated and emailed to the employee at the conclusion of each enrollment. This statement itemizes the employee’s elections, cost per pay period,  and employer cost for each benefit

MSI Multimedia Messaging Services/Text Messaging

We add an extra method of communicating with employees by managing a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) which enables texts, pictures and sound clips to be disseminated in mass to your employees who opt-in. This MMS text capability is available throughout the year for short benefit bulletins to employees. Examples of such texts may be:

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